Publication Date – Tuesday 12th March 2024

Totally Psycho Logical

Welcome To The Minkey Haus…

Totally — adverb: completely; absolutely. Used to emphasize a clause or statement. “He/She is totally bat-shit crazy!”

Psycho — noun: an unstable and aggressive person. “Don’t you know? My ex is a total psycho!”

adjective: exhibiting unstable and aggressive behaviour. “There’s some kind of psycho loose out there!”

Logical — adjective: characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning. “His/Her logical mind? Are you nuts or something?”


But are all psychos ‘nut jobs’? Or, given the chance, could they show that their actions really are totally logical? At least from their perspective that is.

Laurie Stevens, Jesse Aaron, Patrick Ambrose, Stephen D. Rogers,

Wendy Harrison, Jan Glaz, Brandon Doughty, Elena Schacherl,

Joyce Bingham, Jeff Somers, Glenn Francis Faelnar, Douglas Soesbe,

C.G. Merchant, Daniel C. Bartlett, Richard J. O’Brien, David Bradley,

and Kamal Mouhoune

All take you on journeys that might often put a skewer through any rational thought processes you think you might have.

And as always, with all of these anthologies, we hope you’ll find something that you immediately like, as well as something that takes you out of your regular padded cell comfort zone — and puts you into a completely new one because, in the spirit of the Murderous Ink Press motto:

You never know what you like until you read it.





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