I Smiled, But It Wasn't My Nice One....


Is the Noir Crime sub-genre always dark and downbeat?  Is there a time when Bad has a change of conscience, flips sides and takes on the Good role?


Noir is almost always a dish served up raw and bloody - Fiction bleu if you will. So maybe this is a chance to see if Noir can be served sunny side up - with the aid of these fifteen short order authors:


Laurence Raphael Brothers,  Shannon Hollinger, Lillie Franks, H. E. Vogl, Allison Whittenberg, Bruce Harris, Robert J. Mendenhall, Shawn Kobb, Dan Meyers, James Roth, Jesse Aaron, Julian Grant, E. James Wilson, Brandon Barrows, Hollis Miller and Joe Giordano


All fifteen give us dark tales from the stormy side of life - which is probably why it’s always raining in Noir City….


Paperback Edition  ISBN: 9781909498341

eBook Edition ISBN: 9781909498358













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