Strictly Off The Record

On the QT, and Very Hush Hush


Of course there are going to be those who will happily point out that we’ve taken our subtitle this time around from James Elroy, and his rightly famous L. A. Confidential. However, like most Hollywood gossip columnists, “that’s not strictly true.”


Some of the earliest references come from the 1870s/Victorian England, and it is believed that the ‘QT’ in question is shorthand for QuieT. Not that any of the authors contained within these pages are particularly bothered, one way or the other – or quiet for that matter.


And with 16 vibrant authors, a wraparound cover, and pages full of crime fiction in some of its many guises, what’s not to like?


So if you enjoy tales spun by

Anthony Diesso, Brandon Barrows, E. James Wilson, James Roth, Jesse Aaron, Jim Guigli, John M. Floyd, Kevin R. Tipple, Maddi Davidson, Michael Grimala, Robert Petyo, Shannon Hollinger, Tom Sheehan, Wil A. Emerson, Peter Trelay, and Philip Pak - then you'd better get Crimeucopia - Strictly Off The Record by the sound of it!

In the spirit of the Murderous Ink Press motto:

You never know what you like until you read it.


Paperback ISBN: 9781909498464  -  eBook ISBN: 9781909498471




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