Publication Date – Tuesday 16th January 2024


Huh! Y’all!

What is it good for?

Absolutely Reprints!

Say it Again!

Whenever we open the doors to new projects and submissions, we also see pieces passed to us with the offer of reprinting them. Some may only have a paper history, some may only have been up on a webzine site – placed for a short period of time before being archived into the depths of an ISP’s hosting server. And there are also those pieces which, quite rightly, their authors may have a fondness for - the joyful offspring of their creative minds, regardless of how twisted they might be (the offspring that is, rather than the minds of their creators), and which they feel are deserving of a second read.

Featuring: Brandon Barrows, Anthony Regolino, Madeleine McDonald, Nikki Knight, Michele Bazan Reed, Lyn Fraser, Michael Wiley, Eve Fisher, John Floyd, Michael Cahlin, Kevin R. Tipple, Lev Raphael, Andrew Darlington, Nick Young, John Kojak, and Andrew Welsh-Huggins


Paperback Edition ISBN: 9781909498549

eBook edition ISBN: 9781909498556


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