It was 3:15 in the a.m.…


When Maxine Boukowski, popular chanteuse and dancer of no fixed pole, entered the office of Mercy Wilson, neither could’ve foreseen the carnage and chaos that was about to unfold.


Up-market Gene-Freaker, Dr Munroe, had already sold 12 of her eggs - and the 13th was supposed to be her son.


But the dozen Fast Breeders have been ritually slaughtered, Doc’s gone into hiding, and Maxine wants her baby boy, at any cost.


Meanwhile, Johnny Neutrino’s back in town, Nurse Jackson from the Agency is on the war path, along with the Nebreshi High Council.  And, Johnny being Johnny, you just know it’s never going to end well.


Welcome to New Chicago, a metropolis on New Earth, and a whole new world full of walking, talking Garbage - though most of it likes to call themselves Citizens.



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