Eddie knew he was having a bad day when some Colombian thug knifed his partner to death and a rival crew boss shoved a shotgun up Eddie's nose to hijack both Eddie's money and the Colombian’s case full of quality Charlie. It should have been the perfect deal, except it all went totally wrong.


DI Mike Fennick and DS Steve Hansen, of the Cheshire Constabulary, had originally been brought in as observers, but DCS Jimmy Raynolds isn’t above hijacking extra manpower when his reputation's at stake and the press are screaming for blood. He wants it all wrapped up as fast as possible.


But that’s not going to be easy, especially when the local criminal cognoscenti get wind of some “poncey Southerners” stepping onto their territory unannounced, trying to offload gear wholesale.


Not forgetting that Eddie desperately wants answers. Or perhaps that should be revenge?  And the more he digs up, the less he feels he can trust those around him.


But maybe that’s just down to all the crystal meth he’s been doing of late?


The problem is, like Eddie, the rest of the investigation team have enough secrets of their own.


And when it starts to look like someone is on a personal mission to tidy up the loose ends, the question has to be: Who?














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