Welcome to Murderous Ink Press



Murderous Ink Press is a new, independent publishing venture looking to present Crime Fiction in most of its many and varied guises. Our motto is simple :


 You never know what you like until you read it.


We feel that there is a readership who not only appreciates a well-crafted crime short story, but are also willing to read pieces that fall outside of their comfort zones, be it Comfy Cosies to the Darkside/NOIR fiction.


To this end we are looking for submissions to create our Crimeucopia series of roughly themed  First Filled, First To Press anthologies. And because not every piece we accept is likely to fit a theme, there will be the occasional Side Project, or even a  free-for-all anthology.


As Murderous Ink Press is being self-financed (no Kickstarter or Crowdfunding) submissions will need to be of a high standard because payment is on acceptance and not on publication date.


For more information, first go to Submissions, then to the Crimeucopia page. Then, once you are sure you have checked and re-checked that everything is as it should be, then submit your manuscript.






Our thanks are also due to Sue Jones for the Murderous Pen logo - copyright © Sue Jones 2011

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