11th October 2021

After That, This….

When MIP was set up around 12 months ago, there had been some ‘trepidation’ that we would get so far, and if we were lucky, we’d be able to get 4 quarterly anthologies out.


With the help of the authors and artists we have been able to surpass that, for which we say Thank You.

We were even at the stage of looking to take the first 6 months of 2022 to concentrate on our Socials – the 21st Century abbrev similar to Orwell’s 1984’s newspeak.


However, what wasn’t totally foreseen was a deterioration in health, nor how rapid it has become. Apparently it’s genetic – and despite going into the back garden at midnight and whistling down the mothership, they’re still unsure as to what went wrong with the cloning process…:)


Because of various uncertainties and the fact that we’ve always had a rolling Fit to a Theme/Theme to make it Fit policy (ie, Can we start a Theme to make this piece fit?) this has been a difficult decision to make.


The decision is to suspend CRIMEUCOPIA for an indefinite period of time.


That doesn’t mean that those projects already being worked on are now defunked. Those will be continued and completed – we hope - before March 2022 – the 1st Anniversary of The Lady Thrillers.


It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many – and hopefully many more once the way ahead has become clearer.


Crimeucopia is intended to be a quarterly First Filled - First to Publish anthology style ‘magazine’ – with an approximate release of March, June, September and December. Vaguely themed the Free-for-All has now been dropped due to the amount of submissions being received.


Submission window

October 1st to November 30th


The first half of 2022 will be closed for submissions

due to getting our Social Media more prominent


Multiple Submissions are acceptable (within reason) - due to several recent experiences Simultaneous Submissions are no longer being accepted

Reprints - Please, please, please leave a respectable amount of time between initial publication and offering them up to us.

The original publishers will want to generate sales, rather than having them undermined by yet another instance of the fiction appearing elsewhere.


Due to our Small Press/Semi-Pro nature, MIP is not our full-time, salary paying job. This means we are not scanning for emails 24/7-366 (to take into account Leap Years), so please hold off for around 60 days before clicking the send button on that Why aren’t you bastards talking to me about my submission!?! email.  We don’t intend to run a slushpile, however, we will accept material with a provisional publication date that may slide right if unforeseen circumstances raise their nasty little pointed heads. Your understanding in regard to this happening is much appreciated. To make this more palatable, the intention is also to pay on acceptance, rather than on publication.


Submissions are via email attachments to [email protected] with a subject line of SUBMISSIONS_Crimeucopia_<Your Name>_<Story Title>


Publishing will be through IngramSpark (both paper and ebook) as they have a much wider distribution – though Amazon will be used to cover that side of the Internet based distributors.


Intended format is  standard UK Paperback (129mm x 198mm) US B-Format, usually with a matte cover, and around 280 pages.


Intended themes – always open to interpretation – include:-


It's Always Raining In Noir City (previously A Little Touch Of NOIR In The Night)

Is the NOIR Crime sub-genre always dark and downbeat?  Is there a time when 'Bad' changes sides and does the Good role?

NOIR is almost always served up Raw and Bloody - so this might be a chance to see if it can be served sunny side up?


Tales from The Back Porch

This is something slightly different – so please clearly mark any submissions for this. We’re looking for tales that have a distinctive narrative voice – something that would be told on a warm, balmy evening, in good company, and maybe a glass of wine, or ‘shine…


Please Note:- We are not looking for pure Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, or work involving pre-existing characters (ie Fan Fiction).


Our thanks are also due to Sue Jones for the Murderous Pen logo - copyright © Sue Jones 2011

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